Official Doh-Me Launch!

Today is the official Doh-Me launch. After much work and time, Doh-me’s are now available! They can be purchased here.

A huge amount of research has went into both in the creating of Doh-me’s and making connections with factories for mass producing of Doh-me’s. Whether or not they are successful will only be one aspect of this whole learning process. The best case scenario is Doh-me’s will sell out in less than a month. If that is the case, I am fully prepared to mass produce them. There will be two different versions of the Doh-me: the 40 cast in resin limited run and the infinite mass produced vinyl. Worst case is no one cares and no one buys. After one or two months, I’ll know how to handle this with another strategy.

Now it is time to promote.

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