The Backstory and the Beginning of the Blog

June 2010
After enjoying a comfortable 9 years teaching, I slowly was stagnating. Every day the same working so hard that all I wanted to do was rest; a robot only reacting to my job. Considering all of my options I decided to leave teaching to follow my passions. I would rather struggle as an artist(enjoying what I do and living life to the fullest) than burn myself out. This was always part of my long term plans, however, I just started a few years early. I saved enough money to not work for a year giving me a good amount of time to invest time into my own art business.

January 2011
During this time a lot has happened:

  • Two road trips out to the western US. Spending over thirty total days visiting more than 20 national parks.
  • Attended a world famous¬†electronic¬†artist’s show.
  • Created and exhibited work for two gallery shows.
  • Learned many new marketable skills: Jewelry making, Mold Making, Casting, Toy Prototyping
  • Met many great contacts that will be useful for the business.

Much work has lead up to this moment. On Sunday January 30th will be the Official launch for my resin based custom blank toy Doh-me. I have all aspects in place — ready for both the best and worst possible scenarios.

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