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Official Doh-Me Launch!

Today is the official Doh-Me launch. After much work and time, Doh-me’s are now available! They can be purchased here. A huge amount of research has went into both in the creating of Doh-me’s and making connections with factories for … Read the rest of this entry

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The Backstory and the Beginning of the Blog

June 2010 After enjoying a comfortable 9 years teaching, I slowly was stagnating. Every day the same working so hard that all I wanted to do was rest; a robot only reacting to my job. Considering all of my options … Read the rest of this entry

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October Launch

Until the redesign is complete in October, here is my websites with links to my art for sale: Karmabomb(to be completed some time in October)

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Coming Soon

My art and bio page will be up very soon!

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